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"Fantastic job cleaning tile floor. Courteous, professional, and on time. Highly recommend Kleencare for your floor and carpet needs. Will be using them again."
Rick R. via Google

Professional carpet cleaning services for over two decades.

Having carpets, rugs, tile, or upholstery means you're likely familiar with basic surface cleaning. Yet, the challenge lies in deep cleaning to ensure thorough cleanliness and prolong the lifespan of your investment.

Kleencare specializes in carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning, drapery cleaning, odor removal, mattress cleaning, allergy treatments, and custom rug pads. Our skilled professionals handle everything from stains to pet odors with expertise. With our tailored services, we can restore your floor coverings and fabrics to their former glory. Operating since 1997, our experienced team ensures top-quality results. Check out our verified reviews to see what our satisfied customers say!

For a refreshing, deep-cleaned touch tailored to your home or business, contact Kleencare today! Life just got easier.

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Experienced Carpet Cleaning Professionals Established in 1997

Skilled and Seasoned Technicians with Professional Training

High-Quality, Personalized Service 

Veteran Owned and Locally Operated Business

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"Kleencare has been taking care of our properties carpet and tile cleaning for years! Great company! Highly recommend!!"
Rebecca Mims G. via Facebook
Professional carpet cleaning in Pace, FL

Top-notch Carpet Cleaning Service

Thorough carpet cleaning protects your carpet investment and is suitable for homes and commercial properties. It guarantees fresh-smelling carpets with revitalized colors and textures, creating a healthier environment. Dust mites, pet dander, human dander, and other microscopic contaminants accumulate in carpets, causing allergies. Whether you require residential or commercial carpet cleaning, at Kleencare, our professional carpet cleaners promise a deep clean that penetrates carpet fibers to eliminate these contaminants, providing exceptional results. You can count on us to experience the best carpet cleaning in Pensacola.

How do we do it?

Our team employs trained specialists who utilize a truck-mounted system acknowledged by top carpet manufacturers as a safe, effective, and meticulous maintenance approach for all carpet fibers. Experience a gentle vapor and airflow as our cleaning solution is applied and extracted from your carpet. Rest assured, there's no need to fret about spills contaminating your home or lawn, as our carpet cleaning solution is securely returned to our truck via a sealed hose.

Our team is equipped to address unique scenarios like blood stains, rust, pet stains, and odors. We might recommend using fiber protectants for different carpet types to safeguard against future stains, color fading, and early wear.

Carpet Cleaning in Northridge Church

What results can I expect from my Pensacola carpet cleaning?

  • Quick-dry, clean carpets
  • Fresh fragrances
  • Enhanced colors
  • Original texture restored
  • Creating a healthier environment for you, your family, and employees
  • Our commitment to quality and expertise
  • Tailored service and an amazing job
  • Professional spill and stain removal services

Kleencare stands out with our focus on quality, expertise, personalized service, and convenience. This dedication has made us a top carpet cleaning player for over twenty years. Count on us for all your carpet cleaning requirements; we are dedicated to delivering excellence. Let us help you restore the pride in your carpets. Reach out for a quote or give us a call today!

Professional carpet cleaning in Pace, FLProfessional carpet cleaning in Pace, FL

Carpet cleaning service levels

Every customer gets a complimentary bottle of Kleencare™ spotter, free lifetime refills, and a bonus pair of shoe covers with each cleaning.

Git-er Done

Effective hot water extraction cleaning using a truck-mounted system includes pre-vacuuming and pre-treatment. Ideal for lightly to moderately soiled carpets to eliminate common stains and leave a fresh scent. Options for fiber protection, deodorization, and/or Allergy Relief Treatment are available for additional purchase.


Ideal for heavily soiled carpets needing extra care beyond basic cleaning. This service includes (2) tough stain removals - like urine, gum, candle wax, red stains, caffeine, grease, or tar. Select (1) - Fiber protectant or deodorization. Allergy Relief Treatment is available as an additional service.

Rugsy's White-Glove

Our mascot's special "White glove" treatment combines the advantages of our Nitty Gritty cleaning with Allergy Relief Treatment.

Rugsy, Kleencare mascot

Expert Cleaning Technicians

At Kleencare, you can have confidence in our technicians, who are trained to the latest industry standards. They undergo thorough training covering carpet, rug, upholstery, stain and odor removal, tile cleaning, and customer communication. When you choose Kleencare, you're selecting skilled professionals, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Beautiful collection of oriental area rugs

Professional Rug Cleaning Service

Your oriental or area rug enhances your space and holds significant value within your family. Caring for your rugs is crucial, just as you would for your carpet. If you're looking for professional area rug cleaning services in Downtown Pensacola, Pensacola Beach, Scenic Hwy, East Hill, and surrounding areas, trust the experts at Kleencare. Serving Pensacola, Navarre, and Gulf Breeze since 1997, our Rug Cleaning Facility is now based in Milton, FL. Count on us for comprehensive washing of your oriental and area rug at our facility or in your home. Rest assured, your rug will receive top-notch care from our cleaning specialists with our thorough rug cleaning process. For all your area and oriental rug cleaning needs, look no further!

Our rug-cleaning process

Our area and oriental rug cleaning method is tailored to the service level you need: Git-er Done, Nitty-Gritty, and Rugsy's White-Glove. Whether it is persian rugs or area wool rugs, our cleaning facility focuses on hands-on expertise, ensuring each area rug gets quality individual care.

  1. Inspection: The condition and fibers of the rug are carefully examined to evaluate and guarantee the safest and most comprehensive cleaning process.
  2. Dry Soil Removal: Embedded dust, dirt, and allergens are eliminated through thorough vacuuming and traditional beating techniques.
  3. Pre-Treat: We pay special attention to making it easier to remove tough stains, stubborn odors, and pet accidents.
  4. Clean: Each rug undergoes individual washing using top-quality cleaning agents tailored to its specific requirements to achieve optimal results. This process may involve flushing and deodorizing to eliminate contaminants or pet urine and rotary action scrubbing for a deep cleanse.
  5. Rinse: Thoroughly rinse with fresh water to remove odors and residue.
  6. Dry: After cleaning and rinsing, rugs are squeegeed, extracted, and hung up for drying. High-intensity blowers and dehumidifiers are used to ensure rapid drying.
  7. Finish: Fringes undergo whitening treatment while fibers are revitalized.
  8. Treat/Protect: Deodorization, allergy relief treatment, and fiber protectants are available as optional services. Rugs are carefully wrapped for storage or delivery.*

*Convenient pickup and delivery services are available in Pensacola/Pensacola Beach, Perdido, Cantonment, Gulf Breeze, and Navarre. Free local pickup and delivery within the Pace/Milton area.

Carpet Cleaning in Northridge Church

Rug cleaning service levels

Git-er Done

Effective hot water extraction cleaning with a truck-mounted system includes pre-vacuuming and pre-treatment. Ideal for light to moderately soiled area rugs. Fiber protection, deodorization, and Allergy Relief Treatment are extra services for purchase.


This method is ideal for thorough mid-range deep wash cleaning. Your rug gets fully submerged to remove soil, spills, and allergens. Plus, we apply fiber protectants as part of the service.

Rugsy's White-Glove

Our mascot's top-tier "White Glove" treatment is the most comprehensive deep wash cleaning service available. It goes beyond the Nitty Gritty, incorporating an extra intense flushing for decontamination and deodorization. This caters to heavily soiled rugs and tough challenges like pet urine and odors.

Rugsy, Kleencare mascot
Rug fringing

Custom Rug Pads

Seeking a cozier, cushioned touch for your area and oriental rugs? Our custom-cut rug pads can fit rugs of any size in your home. Numerous options are available to meet your area and oriental rug care requirements!

Pledge graphic

Our Pledge To You

Our mission is to value you as much as we value our services. That's why every service we offer is backed by our guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with our work, simply inform us within one week. We'll redo the service at no extra cost. If you're still not happy, there's no charge. Your complete satisfaction is how we measure our success. We hope you'll choose us as your long-term service provider and share your experience with your loved ones.

Professional tile cleaning

Tile Cleaning and Grout Sealing

Cleaning tile flooring and grout lines is a tough task with regular products. Many customers complain about dirty grout lines, but here's the good news! Kleencare offers professional cleaning for your tile floors, grout, and natural stone surfaces. No more need for back-breaking scrubbing with dish soap - say hello to a spotless tile floor with Kleencare's thorough cleaning service.

How do we do it?

We will meet you to identify the surfaces needing cleaning. A Kleencare representative will examine the surfaces, assess their composition, and record any cracks or loose tiles. Testing will be done on soiled areas to establish the most effective cleaning methods for your tile floors. After your tile and grout cleaning, we can suggest and apply various sealers tailored to your requirements, whether stone, ceramic, or porcelain tiles!

If you're fed up with staring at grimy tile and grout and need a professional cleaning service, get in touch with us today. Welcome back to sparkling tile floors!

Tile cleaning before and after
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"David at Kleencare always does an amazing job. He gets all the stains out and doesn't overload the carpet with water so it dries quickly. I would highly recommend Kleencare."
Susan S. via Google

Upholstery and Drapery Cleaning

If your upholstered furniture or drapes are stained, Kleencare's skilled technicians will assess the optimal cleaning approach for your fabric using either dry cleaning or water-based methods. Both techniques are safe, effective, and convenient, ensuring your furniture is revitalized! Additionally, we offer a fabric protector to safeguard your fabrics against spills, stains, spots, and dirt in the future. Whether you have fabric or leather upholstery, Kleencare can help!

Puppy on carpet

Odor Removal

Kleencare offers specialized services for pinpointing and removing unpleasant odors. We possess the expertise, tools, and products to eliminate pet, smoke, and musty odors that regular cleaning methods can't tackle effectively.

A wet puppy.

Pet Odor

Our pets bring so much joy and comfort to our home and family despite the unique smells and occasional accidents (but we wouldn't have it any other way!). When it's time to freshen up your carpets, rugs, tiles, upholstery, and mattresses, Kleencare offers a range of solutions for urine, "wet dog" odor, and vomit. Using specialized techniques and products, we eliminate these stubborn odors from your home.

marijuana vapors

Marijuana, Tobacco and Vape Odor

As the legalization of medical marijuana rises and cigarette smoke and vaping become more common, there's an increasing demand to tackle and eradicate these unique smells. A complete approach includes cleaning and deodorizing floors, both hard and soft surfaces, upholstery, and mattresses. Ozone is key in efficiently neutralizing and eliminating the lingering odors in the air.

Mattress cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

Dust mites, pet and human dander, and other tiny contaminants build up in your mattress as time passes. Being exposed to these substances while you sleep could trigger allergies, leading to a blocked nose or even an asthma episode. Kleencare's routine mattress cleaning involves hot water extraction and allergy treatments to create a healthier space and encourage a more peaceful night's rest.

Senior gentleman with allergies

Allergy Treatments

Over time, your carpet, mattress, and upholstered furniture gather dust mites, pet and human dander, and tiny contaminants that worsen allergies and asthma. Our Allergy Relief Treatment™ is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and free of dyes, perfumes, and odors. This safe and efficient remedy can alleviate allergies for months.

Are you in search of a carpet, rug, tile, and upholstery cleaning company in Pensacola?

Rely on Kleencare, your trusted local professional since 1997. Get in touch with us today!