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Say “Goodbye” to Dirty Carpet

Our truck mounted system is recognized by leading carpet manufacturers as a safe, efficient and thorough method of carpet maintenance for all carpet fibers. Our truck is quiet too, and will not disturb your neighbors. A whisper of vapor and a rush of air is all you will hear as our cleaning solution is applied and extracted from your carpet. So no danger of contaminated spillage in your home or on your lawn occurs, the solution is returned to the truck through a sealed hose. Carpets dry fast, look fresh, and colors are brightened as the original texture is restored.

We are also trained and certified to handle special situations such as: blood, rust, pet stains and odors. Depending on your carpet type, we may suggest applying Scotchgard® to protect the fibers against future stains, color fading & premature wear. In addition to our in home service we are proud to offer customers thorough washings of oriental and area rugs at our facility location. Whether you choose to drop off or have us pick up and deliver, you are guaranteed that the finest care and attention will be applied to the cleaning of your rugs.

Not Just Surface Cleaning

Anyone owning carpets and rugs will know that basic surface level cleaning is the easy part. The tough part is keeping them consistently clean and getting that deep down -”under the surface” – clean. You can get your carpets and rugs squeaky clean from the bottom to the top. Kleencare’s services will save yourself the time, the hassle, and the effort! Pick from one of the four options available to get your floors cleaned inside and out. With the dry powder method, shampooing, bonnet cleaning, or the external extraction method Kleencare offers, you can have your carpets cleaned in no time. Check it off your to do list and breathe easy knowing there’s not going to be any extra dust or dander kicked up into the air every time you walk around in your home.
Based on years of experience, we are aware that cleaning helps you to safeguard your investment. As the business leader, we’re committed to delivering the finest carpet cleaning and floor cleaning service you’ll find. The truth is, we have a  lineup of services that outperform the completion which is brought to you by an exceptionally trained specialist. Our specialist deep cleaning provides the care and protection required to prolong the life span of your floors and furnishings. Not merely do we save you time, but you can relax, knowing that you live and work in a cleaner and healthier environment.

Quality, expertness and convenience–that’s the hall mark of our company, and also the main reason Kleencare is the business leader in regards to carpet cleaning and floor cleaning service.

If you’re looking to get your carpets or rugs thoroughly cleaned, contact Kleencare today.

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Upholstery & Drapery Cleaning

We offer cleaning of fine upholstery, utilizing both wet and dry methods. In home dry cleaning of draperies is effective and hassle free.

Binding & Fringing

We can custom cut and bind carpet remnants to your specific needs. We can also add or replace a fringe, and offer a large selection of custom rug pads.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Featuring RX For Wood® — a cost-effective alternative with no sanding, messy dust, or special ventilation. It will not change the original floor color.

Odor Removal

Specific training and certification in this area, allows us to effectively treat and eliminate pet odor, urine, smoke, and other undesirable smells.

Allergy Relief Treatments

Our revolutionary anti-allergen cleaningand treatment program allows us to safely, easily and affordably reduce allergen levels in your carpets, furnishings, and bedding by 90% or more!

Scotchgard Carpet Protector

Scotchgard Carpet Protector protects your rug, carpet or upholstery from both dirt and spills. This commercial carpet protector forms a molecular shield on the fibers of your carpet. As a result, the stains and dirt are not absorbed or ground into the carpet fibers. When a liquid spills on your carpet, you can simply take a paper towel and use it to soak the spill.