Protecting the Carpet in Your Home and Office

Floor clean  carpet HardwoodHave you had those nasty spills on your carpet or rug that you just couldn’t clean up properly. Well, now Kleencare has the carpet treatment to keep that from happening again! It’s DuPont’s Teflon® Advanced carpet and upholstery protector.

Teflon® Advanced carpet and upholstery protector is a spray-on application that creates an invisible barrier around individual carpet fibers. This barrier keeps liquids, dirt, and dust from penetrating into the carpet. It can also be used on water-safe upholstery fabrics.

Some of the benefits of Teflon® Advanced carpet and upholstery protector are:

  • Stronger protection against oil-based spills and stains
  • Outstanding dry soil resistance
  • Excellent repellent
  • Works great on all carpet fiber types and on water-safe upholstery fabrics.
  • Safe for use around people and pets. It’s non-toxic, leaves no odor, and is CFC- and solvent free.
  • Makes carpets and upholstery easier to clean.
  • Carpets and upholstery stay fresher, cleaner, brighter longer.

Using Teflon® Advanced carpet and upholstery protector after cleaning your carpets and upholstery lets kids be kids

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