Allergy Relief Treatments

Allergy Relief
Are you one of the more than 70 million Americans suffering from sinus allergies or asthma?

If so, Kleencare of Northwest Florida, Inc. can help make your life just a bit more pleasant by treating areas of your home with the Responsible Care® System.

How does the Responsible Care® System work?

dustmite-allergy KleencareDust mites, pet (and human) dander, and other microscopic contaminants accumulate in your mattress and upholstered furniture over time. Exposure to these materials while you’re asleep, watching the game, or reading the paper may cause an allergic reaction, resulting in a stuffy nose and even an asthama attack.

Many times, the recommended way to minimize exposure to these materials is finding another home for your pets. When this is impractical, the mattress, bedding, upholstery, carpet, and rugs should be cleaned with specially formulated cleaning agents, followed by treating with Allergy Relief Treatment™ on a regular basis.

Allergies are triggered by the body’s reactions to proteins in the allergant. Allergy Relief Treatment™ works by changing the shape of these proteins so the body no longer recognizes them, preventing an allergic reaction.

Alergy Relief Treatment™ works rapidly and effectively. Many customers see significant results within three days following complete cleaning and treatment of the bedroom. When properly applied, relief may continue for up to months. Occasional, severe cases may need additional treatments after three months.

Is Allergy Relief Treatment™ safe?


All components of the Alergy Relief Treatment™ are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and dye and purfume free. They are odor free and have been formulated for use around people with allergies and chemical sensitivities. They can be used safely and effectively around children and pets.
Alergy Relief Treatment™ contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), phosphates, or other hazardous materials and are biodegradable. It is not a pesticide or mitacide and contains no benzoyl peroxide.

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